Nigeria Bleeds- It’s a black day in my country

I Know I said I wanted to take a break. But since I left you all here, a lot has been happening in Nigeria. Some of you who have acquaintances in Nigeria would know what I am talking about.

No! It’s not a war! It’s not a political issue! It’s just the government shooting at it’s citizens who were peacefully protesting for their rights. All we were saying was for them to end police brutality. All we ask was for them to end the animals called SARS and bad governance. All we were asking was peace in our country but what did we get? We got shot! Yessssssssssssssssss, we got shot at by our military men while holding our country’s flag! While singing our national anthem!

They shot at peaceful protesters sitting down. They refused ambulance from getting to them and they took the bodies so as to get rid of every evidence! No long stories! They main thing to know is that our government, who we choose and elected into power killed their own youths.

Please pray for us wherever you are…. Nigeria needs your prayer😩😩

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It is time to take a break

Photo: Pinterest

What is worth doing is worth doing well. Right from time, I discovered that as a person, I have this thing of connecting well with people I have never met. I have always dreamt of writing to people my thoughts and them gaining some necessary things from it.

True to that dream, I have acquired a lot of online friends home and abroad that we share beautiful relationships. Some people think it is weird but there is this joy you get when you know that someone already loves you and have your back even without seeing him or her. It is also true that sometimes you might even know so much about the person that those that have had the privilege to meet them physically.

I know you might be like, “What is she saying?” Just be calming down small small.

For some time now, I have had to think all about this blogging thing and I discovered some mistakes that I have made. I discovered that I rushed into it which is true. I woke up one night and was just like, “oh!! Blogging seems like a good thing. Let me just create my own.” I think for those that have been in it for a while now, they would know that blogging isn’t like that. It is a whole life on it’s own.

So I started thinking of what I was going to do one day when I saw that picture up from Pinterest. It said to take a break. Re-strategies. Think it through then come back as a champion. Funny but it’s the truth. So that is to tell you all that this baby right here is going on a break till the end of the year😭😭😭😭 I just had to use an emoji sorry.

While I was thinking of this, I was now like, do I just go like that and leave you all here just like that? No way! That thought brought up an idea which is me still connecting with you all through my newsletter.

In my next post, I am going to explain what the newsletter is going to be about and how you are going to connect with me. Until then, pleeezzzzz be good and take care of your beautiful self.

You can connect with me on Instagram: Bukola_ ennette is the username. I will follow you as soon as you message me telling me that you are from here. I would love to hear your comment on this post as much as possible… Should I take the break and create the newsletter or do I continue and see where the wind leads me.

Pleeezzzzz commentπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I am still very confused right now so help a sister and friend. Thank you.

A glance in the mind of one who had no soul

I felt my soul going with the breeze. Photo: Naki
If you live like the butterfly then your life goals would be surprisingly be achieved. Photo: Pixabay

I wanted to leave. I remember praying in the night and telling God, fifty reasons why he should not let me stay. I told him, “Of what gain am I to you on Earth?”

Even as I slept hoping and praying to just sip off and breeze off like a powdered substance blown into the air, it never happened.

I long for the souless me, just free me Picture: Pixabay

Oh, you don’t want me to go? You want me wandering the souless? You want me carrying this heart that is dripping with dark reddish liquid around? Leave me! Just damn, let me free!!”

Maybe, just maybe I am being ridiculous. Photo: Pixabay

I left friends and fought with every cheerful soul around. I burnt the betrayer’s parting words and went about life following the wind vane.

But one day, unexpectedly, He that I wanted to be the killer of my soul gave me a reply that made me whole again.

He said,I am doing a new thing. Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”

I brought my nose to the air and snooze the smell around me and truly,. Just slightly, I catch the smell of freshness and redemption……..He continued

I will make a way for you in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Connect my spirit with you as the rivers connect the world. Let me not wander thinking of who wants me or not. Photo: Google

That promise whether true or not gave me a new drive to go on believing that a new soul was on the way and a fresh spirit was already delivered to my doorstep.

Oh look! It’s the sun showing it’s a new day. Photo: Google
Even if you get lost in the forest, I will find you because you must not get away from me. You are the apple of my eyes. Photo: Google

That’s it people. If you ever feel lost or depressed, please talk to someone. Don’t go about carrying it in mind. Choose someone who is matured and trust worthy enough to keep whatever you tell him or her secret. Also make sure that the person can help you get out. You can also talk to God. Trust me that makes it better.

Please don’t forget to like, follow and comment. Have you ever been depressed at one point in time? How did you get over it? Or are you currently not feeling able to go through life anymore?

Lessons I have learnt from Mama

Mama and I on my nineteenth year old birthday

This post was not planned at all. Infact, I think FOOD FEST would have to be postponed as I have been having ideas of post to put up that are beneficial to people.

Most people that are close to me knows how much I love my mum. Apart from the fact that she single-handed raise my sister and I, I have noticed some traits in her which I think all parents should imbibe and operate on.

So today, as I was just thinking, I remembered a day that I was having a chat with my sister about my mum and we discovered some really amazing attributes in my mum’s action and I was like, “why not share it here?”


The main attributes of Mama, is strength. I always say it that she puts me on my toes when it comes to strength especially emotional strength. She hardly cries but when she does, it’s comes from the most painful parts of her heart. Physically and emotionally, she exhibits so much strength that I want to have. She always say that, “Apart from stealing, there is no work that I cannot do to take care of my children.”

Mama and my big sister πŸ’•

I think all parents should imbibe this attributes not just to raise their children but also for themselves. No one should see you go weak so much that they can step on you like rag. Now when I am talking about not letting people see your weakness, I am not talking about not sharing your hurts with someone. That definitely shows strength because sharing brings you to healing but please mind who you share your deep things with. Mama has taught me to be strong. To be able to withstand it all. To look hunger in the eyes and be able to control myself until she comes. To see girls my age doing what they are not supposed to do and not get phased because I know that it is just for a while. Mama taught me strength in self control because self control is the biggest battle we face.


Countless times I have watched people that Mama has shown love to neglect her when she is in trouble. Billions of times also have my sister and I told her to forget those people and millions of times that Mama walks back to those people to show them love. Crazy right? Families, Friends and loved ones have all neglected her countless of times but when they need her, you see her running back. I have not asked her why she does that but I have watched her pray every morning and care so much about people who are undeserving of her love which brings me to say……

Look alike

…..the type of love that Jesus wants us to share is Selfless love. Love that does not want anything in return. I am loving you for loving sake not for wanting sake. A love that explains me putting love untop your matter. Yes someone broke your heart and even pieces it and doesn’t deserve your forgiveness but ask yourself, “Are you worthy of Christ’s love?” Okay, let’s even say you don’t believe in Christ and you are a scientific person that believes in nature. Then let’s me also ask you, “What have you done for nature that it should be in your favour?” Human beings are so keen on getting something out of what they have done. You start a business and you are already thinking of stopping because you are asking yourself, “what am I even gaining here?” We are most times particular about the material gains. Wait sef, must you gain? What of the joy you feel in being a good person? Just like my boss said today, do not let the world make you think that being a nice and honest person is not the new cool thing in town.


Mama is not perfect but she is an imperfect perfect person. She understands you. The day my sister and I were having this conversation, I told her that there was nothing I could not share with Mama. Yes, nothing! I know a lot of us young people do not have this grace with our parents especially in Nigeria. You make a mistake and you watch her caution you with love.

Now Parents, and up and coming ones should try as much as possible to be open with their children. I have preached it countless times to those who cares to listen that FEAR and RESPECT are two interlocked things which should be known which to share first. I respect my mum so that has made me to fear her. Do not introduce fear to your children first. First teach them to love and respect you then watch them fear you. Mama exhibits that and I cannot wait to experience it with my biological children.


You can never say something about me outside without my mum coming to ask me first. Secondly, you can never tell my mum that I am not beautiful. It just does not work like that. She knows who she raised and she believes in us. I remember a time when I stopped working in my former workplace and the woman I worked with accussed me of taking one of the school books. I had not not even gotten home when my mum started telling her that I can never do it.

Sometimes all a child wants is your trust. I work with kids so I know what I am saying. Some teachers in school have accused me of being too friendly with my kids but what they do not know is that I have built a relationship with them just as Mama built with me where they can share anything with me. No wonder, my boss said today that no parents have ever came to make a complain about me. I do not believe in using the rod at all times. I believe in the power of words. I have a child that I teach that I don’t need to flog for her to sit up. Infact all of them! All I need most times is some minutes of admonishment and we are good to go. Trust the child you raised. Yes, that can be hard but I feel that when you tell a child that I want to put my trust in you not to do this then the child would listen. They would always remember that you are hoping on them not to break your trust. It will surprise you how much words can do in the life of an unruly child.


We fall victim of this many times and trust me this can cause a lot. All children easily get jealous. Mama has only two children. Girls to be precised so I know how hard it can be for her trying as much as possible not to show that she likes one more. As much as it is inevitable not to have a favorite, we must also try not to show it.

I have thought of this before that who does Mama loves most and I could not find an answer. Though she spoils me most times being her last child(which is understandable), she shows as much care for my sister. So when we have a complaint concerning one another, Mama makes sure she cautious the both of us and tells us never to let go of each other because we only have one another.

I could go on and on about her. I could list more lessons learnt from her which you would all find beneficial but time and space would not allow it. Mama is a beautiful person. She is one of my main role model and I always pray to God to be as good as she is as a parent. I hope to God that I can be as friendly, chatty, understanding, loving, caring as she is. Though she has her flaws and she has made thousands of mistakes but love covers it all. Thank you Mama for being the best human being ❀️❀️


My thank you message to you all for a One month of sweet blogging experience β€οΈ

If you people know how much I was contemplating this blog post ehnπŸ˜‚….You will fear confusion. Let me first warn you that for this post, there will be use of emojis 😊 I want you all to at least have an idea of how I feel.

Yes ooo!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ When I saw the notification and saw 1 month anniversary, I thought it was another blog because I was not expecting to have reached a month. I was still putting my mind on early next month but lo and behold, I saw that the mail was to me.πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚

To WordPress 😩

Yes, that was the HIGH FIVE I gave to WordPress for being a wonderful platform for bloggers. I really cannot remember when I made the decision to start blogging but on the 16th of last month when I did, it was not planned at all. I was just woke up in the night and just thought of it. I had always wanted this type of channel where I can share a lot of things with people from other countries that I had not met at all but didn’t know how to go about it until that night when I made the decision to start blogging. I am happy for this platform and I am happy to say that I have made new friends.😁😁😁

To y’all followersπŸ™ˆ

I am currently trying out my mic to shout out to this set of people.😩😩 They are the best. It takes a lot for you to decide to start following somebody up and downπŸ˜‚ I love you guys for deciding to follow me because I want to think it is because you love my blog post. My followers are not much for bow, I think it’s just 16, but we are not phased by that because we know we are getting there πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Chop kiss jare😘😘

To our readersπŸ€—πŸ€—

What’s the essence of writing blog post without people reading it? To all my readers, I blow big loving kisses to you all. I want you to know that I sight you and I appreciate you. Keep reading, sharing, commenting and following even as you read

This blog post is not going to be long because it is an impromptu post. FOOD FEST is still on!!!! Another food post is going to come up this week so anticipate.😁

That Thank you GIF is for everyone and everyone who has been supportive 😍😍 The love I have for you is unmeasurable because you are actually supporting one of my dreams. Shout out to my WhatsApp friends, Pooja for helping me connect to other Bloggers. She is not aware but those her award posts helped me connect to more bloggers. Shout out to these Blogger, Her website really helped me understand a lot about blogging and her e-books are super helpful. Shout out to my bestie, Ayomide Tairu❀️ I call her Ayomi(My joy) because that is actually the meaning of her name, My joy has come. She is ever supportive and you will see her comment on every blog post. Ayomide, you are a darling and I love you so much.😘

That’s how I am shinning my teeth in appreciation😁😁

With nothing more to say, I close this curtain 😁 But let’s not forget that FOOD FEST is still on!!

To know more about FOOD FEST, read my last post

Till next time, see ya!😘❀️😍

FOOD FEST-5 foods I love and 5 foods I hate

Hello beautiful people,

I know I have not posted anything since last week and I am so sorry for that. I had to take a break to rediscover myself and thank God I have.

All through my break, most of the blog ideas that were coming to my head were food blog posts. I had a lot of things to share based on food but did not know where to start but yesterday, Tiani Angela, a fellow Blogger, shared a blog post on her food preferences. She shared five foods she hate and five food she loves. She said she got the idea from a fellow blogger, Pooja. Pooja and Tiani are my favorite bloggers because they share helpful and interesting blog posts and I know that you would really love their post. Here are the links to check out their blogs.

Food Fest is a series that I am going to be doing for the next few weeks. I will be putting up post that involves food so get ready to receive mouth watering posts. This is one of the posts. EnjoyπŸ˜‰

Now, Pooja and Tiani are not Nigerians so when I was reading their food preference post, I could not relate with some of the food they were mentioning.

I must warn you then that this is a Nigerian version. I know that the population of Nigerians on WordPress are not that much so for the sake of those who are not Nigerians, I am going to try to explain the food in details and give pictures. With nothing more to say, let’s get to this blog post.

1. Garri

Any Nigerian here would be surprised that I am choosing this food as my number 1 as garri in Nigeria is known as a poor man’s food but I love it because you can take it with anything like fried fish, milk, Milo, meat, groundnut, e.t.c

Garri is life joor.
You cannot drink this and not feel better

Apart from the fact that garri is pocket friendly, the water from garri is also known to have calming effects. Having headache, take garri and you will feel better immediately.

2. Number 2 on my list is, Spaghetti with sauce.

I just discovered that most of the food I love are food that you can cook within ten minutes. I love my food to cook fast because most times, I only eat when I am hungry and cannot wait for hours before eating.

Roll it till you can taste itπŸ˜‰

I do not know if spaghetti can be called PASTA but I have seen the pictures of pasta and I think they look the same. If you have eaten the both please tell us in the comment section if they are same. There are several ways of cooking your spaghetti but I love it when mine is with sauce.

3. Ewa goyin(Beans)

Beans is known to have good body building effects on the body but Ewa goyin supercedes every way of making beans. Ewa goyin is Nigerian’s popular beans. I am still trying to learn how it is cooked. Infact most Nigerian people would agree with me that you cannot pass through a place where it is being made and not crave for it.

4. Ila Alasepo(Okro soup) with Semo

Ila Alasepo is an Okro soup. You can research to see how an Okro looks like. Okros are healthy veggies. Infact, in the olden days, the Yorubas (Western part of Nigeria) used to hang it around their houses to wave off evil. Another advantage to cooking this is that it is very easy to make.

Semo is sold in powered form. All you need to do is buy semo in the market, boil water, pour when water is boiled then stir until it has solidifies. You leave to cook for a while then stir again. Some people do not like semo but I love it because it can be used to eat with any stew or soup.

Ila Alasepo (Okro soup)

I forgot to mention that you can also add your assorted meat and other veggies like Ugwu leaf and bitter leaf.


5. Jollof rice with fried plantain

Nigerian jollof rice is something that is so underrated especially the ones made in parties. (I don’t know what it is with those party jollof rice but they are bae). I don’t think there is anyone in Nigeria who does not love this food. There is no how you would taste this food without wanting more. Add fried plantain and you are good to go. You can step it down with a chilled drink. Best sleeping pills ever!

Let’s enjoy jolloffπŸ’ƒ

I think hate is a strong word but since we are using Love which is a strong word too, then we can only balance it with hate. Now, you should have it at the back of your head that it is a food that I do not like to eat. Meaning, I can only eat it when life gives me no choice.

1. Fried egg with bread

I know I am going to hear query for this one but whatever you have to say, please say it in a polite way. I do not like combining fried egg with bread because it irritates me. Yeah, it is a good food but it is what I do not like to eat. Recently though, I finally found a way to make my fried egg and I am going to share the recipe in my next post.

2. Eba

This may come as a surprise since I like garri but I believe that garri and eba are two different foods. Though both are made from cassava, one is in liquid form and the other is in solid form. Eba takes too long to digest so eating it, it sometimes stay in the throats and does not go down.

3. Gaisha stew

This is made with Gaisha. It is usually in a tin and and it contains fish with sauce. I do not care how it is made. The smell disgusts me and the taste of the fish is just not what I would love to dig in at all. If you love this then no problem.

4. Cold food

I do not know if this can be classified as part of the list but I really cannot stand the sight of cold foods. They are also known to be unhygienic so please stay off it.

I know I said five foods but at this stage, I cannot think of anyone again.

So guys, that is all of my food preferences. Please endeavor to share yours. What food do you like and what food do you hate? Let’s get talking.

Also keep in mind that FOOD FEST is not overπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ It is a series so stay tuned for more Foodie blog post. Till then, see ya😁

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PS: All the pictures of the food are not mine. They were gotten from Google

Oh yea grateful minds

Repeatedly this week, I have been seeing different gratitude post and just as I commented on Stuart’s blog post recently, I said that I have been too lazy to start my own gratitude journal. I have not even been able to open my mind to pray. I was just weak in every aspect of life. I have been promoting all of the things I do and this week, the response was slow so that made me more weak but this morning I decided to listen to music and as I was meditating, I told myself, “Bukola stop it!”

It got so bad that whenever I went out, I compared my look to every one that passes by me. I am a five feet but the lower side of five feet. Maybe like 4. 8 feets or something. Anyways, the real deal is that I am a short person. Now, I am most times not bothered by my height but this week, I realized that whenever someone passes, I would unconsciously measure myself. Now imagine how I felt when I pass beside this really short women and found out that I was only a few inches taller than them. I was mad.

Throughout this week, I have been feeling down but just this morning, right now, I told myself, “Bukola, just list the things God has done for you.” List the things you are grateful for. Anything!

Since I was feeling very lazy to stand up, I started writing them on my WhatsApp status and I saw that it was much. All through the week while I was grumbling and complaining and busy comparing myself, I was oblivious to the many good things that were happening. A big change even happened and unlike me, I did not even say, “Thank you God.”

The truth is, it is not easy to be happy everytime. Even if you have everything you need, you would still at one point feel like all you do is not enough. Someone once said that, humans will never get to that place they want to be until they die. This is so true because at every point in time, we will always want something. When we get that thing, another competition will come up. That is the main reason why Jeff won’t stop working even though he is richer than everyone in the world.

So the point here is, you will always have a reason to ask yourself. There will be times you would unreasonably question your worth. There will be times when you feel you are not enough even though you have billions of people believing in you.There will be depressing times guys and funny thing is we can not help it sometimes.

Now, the thing is when you feel like that, grasp onto those moment because they are the times you can finally pinpoint the good things of life. Don’t lose yourself in the moment. Take your book and begin to list the things you are grateful for. You can even say them to yourself or think of it.

To whomever needs this, it is okay to feel down especially in these confusing times. Take the moment. It is another way to show that you are human. Think of the things that are making you feel like that and list the things you have achieved even in those times you were feeling down. You might feel like, I am not doing anything now. I am just at home so what can I even list down. Well, let me start by the fact that you woke up is enough to be grateful. You are a champion to have woken up.

That brings me to the things I am grateful for. I am grateful for health. I might not be rich but my health and that of my family is enough to be grateful for. We are not the most conscious of our health but God still keep us.

Being happy is not easy guys but as for us, we must be happy so let’s be happy. Halleluyah!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Secondly, I am grateful for my name. It is a name filled with powerful things. It is a Yoruba name, OLUWABUKOLAMI. It means God is adding to my wealth while protecting it for me. I am grateful for these times because a lot of people had a chance to reflect and change certain things in their life.

Give them that killer smile

Comment below how you have been this week and those things you are grateful for. I really am grateful for many things and the biggest of all is God has given me Victory over my sour mind.

By the way guys, Jumia is doing prom from now till September 8. 50% discount to all African countries. You can now use my link to get your discount for all your female wears for as low as #1000 . Isn’t that exciting?? Another thing we should be grateful for. Click this link to get your discount

Till next time guysπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Love ya😊

See me shinning my teeth πŸ˜‚

Life of a public school student 2-My flogging stories

Yes oo!! I made it a series just as requested. Many people complained that my last write-up was too formal. Some even said that, I sugar-coated the whole story which I agree with. Schooling in a public school is a madt something oo. It is more than I can even talk about on this space so I am just going to make it three episodes.

Being flogged in a public school is nothing new to its student. Even if you were a good student you would still be flogged. Your classmates people would still put you in trouble by making noise and you would be called out.

I cannot lie that I was a quiet person in school. It is a big lie. I was never quiet. Infact, I was among the class talkatives but I escaped being flogged multiple times because I was such a sweet darling and was loved by the chairs of the class

As much as I escaped, I was also caught. I remember in Junior school when I was playing in class. I think I wrote something on the board and was asking everyone to pronounce it during prep. I did not even know what entered my head to do that. Anyways, the end result was that I got flogged severally especially when the teacher was told that I was the cause of the noise.

Another annoying time was during biology class in my final year of high school. We were told to submit our notes and I had not copy my notes because I just do not like copying notes. Although, I never knew we were going to submit that very day. The shocking thing about that day, was that I was not expecting to be flogged since I knew the teacher. I thought he would just let us go scot-free. I said “us” because it was my best friend and I. She had her note but decided to lie that she forgot it at home because she did not want me to be punished alone. Ayo, if you are seeing this, then I love you for that stunt even though I would not want you to do it again.

The end of that day is that we were flogged mercilessly. Infact I wailed not cry. The spot the whip had met my body stung until the end of the day.

The most painful and annoying of all my flogging experiences was the day I was flogged for having a full haircut. Now, another annoying thing about public school is that you do not get to make your hair and if you attended the public school I attended, then you would understand how frustrating that can be.

We were in our last weeks of high school and the principal had passed the information that we girls could keep her hair. The funniest thing was that I was not even keen on keeping my hair. I just did not want to have to step in a barber’s shop. I was my normal self until the legendary physics teacher of Babs Fafunwa Millennium Senior Secondary school saw me and decided that that day was my happy day. Note the sarcasm.

He at first told me to kneel for having a full haircut. I was like, man what!!! The principal already said to not cut hair but no, Baba turned deaf ears. He asked me to call all female students with full hair out and we were all asked to kneel. Like film trick o, he called his counterparts to help him in the flogging. That day, I knew life was filled with evil.

At the first whip, I cried like there was no tomorrow. The most painful one was when I thought the flogging was over and wanted to stand up and felt a sharp pain on my leg. Like guy!!!! Flogged everywhere but not the legs….I cried salt and water that day. It was crazily painful.

With this little story of mine, I want you to know that life is wicked and flogging is bad. Thank God I am out. Many more times that I have been flogged not for being bad but for being ignorant.

Infact, there was one time when a teacher told me to hide so as to avoid being flogged along side my classmates. He even told us where to hide not knowing that he had gone to tell the teacher flogging that I had gone to hide so as to avoid being flogged. E shock you too abi!!

I remember it was also bestie and I that day. Thank God for a student who came to inform us and showed us where to hide since the teacher was coming to see if truly we were hiding where the other teacher had told him off.

Many more stories of flogging escapedes like that but we Thank God for helping us out and allowing us to stuck out our tongues to some teachers

So that’s it guys. Were you ever flogged in school? What bad teacher experience have you had? Share with us let’s laugh and cry together

A week in the life of a former public school student

I actually got this idea from Ada. She wrote a blog post not too long about a day in the life of a former boarding school student and I was like, “Why not do a public school version.” To read her boarding school version,

Click here

Most of us who attended public school or are still attending are most times not proud to tell people that we attended it. Some people feel like, it is a depressing thing to say you went to a public school. As for me though, I am proud to have attended such a school and come out productive and useful. I feel those of us who attended these schools are champions and should be commended for surviving.

I attended Babs Fafunwa Millennium Senior Secondary school in Lagos State and I am lucky to have attended such a secondary because I still think that it is one of the best public schools in Nigeria. Far better than some private school around.

All of us already know that school days are five times a week. That is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Just like everyone knows, Monday is always the most boring and busy day of the week and in a public school, it is no exception. On Monday mornings, I usually get to school at latest 7:30pm. Anything later than that, is late coming and trust me, you do not want to be among the late comers. After being told to pick the disgusting trash around the school, you would later be whipped.

Assemblies on Mondays are usually boring as everyone is still in a sour mood from getting up to come to school. Our assemblies usually consist of worship and praise then prayer, singing of national and school anthem followed by the respective pledges. The principal then comes up to give important announcement if she is around. Most times though, she is usually not around so the teacher on duty is the one who gives the announcements and if there are no announcements, we march to our respective classrooms.

The rest of that day is usually just staying in class for lectures then breaks and prep before going home at 3:30. Nothing special happens on Monday but sometimes, you can be unlucky and spend your whole day serving punishment. It has happened to me before and that day was hell!

Tuesdays too has nothing special. Same as Monday but the sour mood would have reduced a bit since the brain is now getting used to you getting up for school.

Wednesdays are my best days. Maybe because I was born on that day and because school closes earlier or maybe it is the fact that, that day was our extracurricular activities day. I also remember that the assembly is always lively on this day. The assembly prefect is usually given extra time to give us seasoned praise songs. The assembly is usually scattered and you would see the students dancing like there is no tomorrow.

For the extracurricular activities, we had clubs and I was among the Jet club. I can never forget our science day in school when I made my own chalk and sold for #50. It was fun. We had other clubs like, homemakers, scouts, girls guide, Man’o’war, sheriff and others that I cannot remember now.

Thursday is just an ordinary day spent receiving lectures and all. The exciting thing about this day though is that you know that the weekend is near.

Friday was a super duper day for me. I was most times happy on this day because I know that it is the weekend and for the next two days, I was not going to school. Our assembly on this day is usually Muslim themed. I forgot to mention that Tuesday is a Muslim themed too. What do I mean by Muslim themed? It means that we used to sing Muslim songs and listen to Muslim preachings on the assembly. I still know and sing some Muslim songs till date. I also know their general prayer. ‘suratul…..’ I do not know the title of the prayer very well.

Another exciting thing about Fridays in a public school and I think in all schools was that we closed early. I used to close at 1pm. After closing hours, we would then attend Fellowship. It was optional though. There was also a mosque for Muslim students. I used to attend the school Fellowship and I remember I was given the title of an Evangelism coordinator.

Fellowship used to end at 2pm but sometimes we the workers would stay behind for meeting which was always time consuming but worth it.

So that’s it guys. That is the end of the week. If you want me to make this public school post a series because I feel there are still lots more you should know about public school. The dos and don’ts and some other necessary tips to surviving public schools because trust me, if you do not walk in there with a full body amour then you might just end up coming out broken.

If you are here and you attended public school too, please comment below how your week was and your favorite day of the week.

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Building confidence 2

I am sorry I didn’t post the part two of this the day I promised, the response I got from the last post was not so much so it got me skeptical about posting this new one and I was haven’t been feeling too well. All the same guys, I am better and I have realized that there will be low times guys just like I said in my second post. Check it out…It talked about consistency.

I think I stopped at spend time and money on yourself. You see a lot of people are so selfish to themselves that they can not buy things for themselves. Buying things for yourself with your own hard earned money is a big ego booster. Let me share an experience with you.

In 2018, I lost my phone and this time around, I bought it with my hard earned money. Like, I worked for that money. I saved until I got the money completed. Every penny was saved. I deprived myself of so many things to get that phone and when it was stolen from my bag at a bus-stop, I could not believe it. I did not even say anything until I got home. I cried like never before because it was my sweat, my baby.

Now, why did I share that story. When you use your money to buy something for yourself, there is nothing anyone can tell you that will shake you. I just bought my phone last year December and when I see someone with iPhone, I would always tell myself that, “my phone is my sweat and I should be proud of it.” If you think this can not boost your ego, then go buy something for yourself and see if you would feel good or not.

You are as colourful as this picture….Do not let anything erase your colour 😁

The last point brings me to the next point which is, Learn and know how to it. Whether you are a student, fashion designer or anything. Just be the best at what you do. When you are the best, nothing can stop you. When you know that no one does it better than you do, everything about you oozes confidence. So guys, do not be a lazy chap. Do something! Anything at all.

Be good to others

A good person will most times confident. When you know you are good and you have not done anything wrong, then you are confident to face anything and anyone around you.

Lastly, is for you to challenge yourself to be bold . Make up your mind to not let anyone triumph upon you. You are the best version of yourself and you are beautiful. Have a good day guys and anticipate my next blog post.

Here are the Bible verses I promised to share with you guys… Meditate on them and believe in it because nothing works if you don’t believe.

Psalms 8:1-6, Psalms 125: 1-2, Proverbs:16:20b, Isaiah 43:19 Isaiah 60: 1-22, Jeremiah 1:8

Those are just some of my Bible verses. There are much more. If you need someone to talk to about how low your confidence is, then just know I am here. My social media handles are always open.

Never think you are alone, never! The water that connects us hasn’t dry.

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