Interview with Mara’s Empire- Apprenticeship in Nigeria-3

It is believed that one who has a skill is walking towards a perfect life. For some time now, I have been interviewing different people from Nigeria on their experiences as an apprentice. Some had sweet stories to tell and lessons to teach. So far, we have enjoyed the tales of each person and the response from my readers has been superb. It is no lie when I say that you my lovely readers are the reason I keep moving forward. I love all of you.

Here again, is another interview with a very strong mind I must say. Amarachi of Mara’s Empire shared with me of her numerous experiences as an apprentice to different people. Please engage as you have always done. I promise that it’s a beautiful one… Here goes..

Thank you so much Amarachi for honouring my request.

You’re welcome. Thank you too for reaching out.

What did you apprentice in?

Actually, I learned two trades, hairdressing and catering.

Wow! For how long did you take part in each trade?

For the hairdressing, it took me a year and 6 months. Catering was for 6 months.

Are you still apprenticing?

No, I am no longer an apprentice.

So, what do you do now?

I am currently working for an online vendor. I sell shoes, bags and all. I also work as a sales person for a business. During my leisure time, I engage in the skills I have acquired if needed.

How was your learning process for both trades?

Hmm… The learning process. That one is a long story.

Let’s start with the catering…

The months I spent learning catering was a good time. First because my boss was my friend and I loved what I was doing. I was really interested in catering. It had always been a dream to learn it. I learnt catering during the lockdown. I could not go to work so I used the opportunity to learn.

Since your boss in catering was your friend, was the work relationship really good?

We treated each other with uptmost respect. Even the junior that I had. Everyone respected one another.

Good. How about hairdressing?

For hairdressing, I learnt in two places. The first place, I would term, HORRIBLE. I can’t even say I learnt anything. All I did was run errands. I wasn’t engaging in any practical at all. I wasn’t even the youngest there pertaining to who came last to the shop. I had people beneath me and the seniors were fair to deal with. The real issue was with my boss. It was too much. I would wash her clothes, clean the house, buy things and all. We used to close sometimes at 10pm and all through the day, all I would say I did was run errands. I bought a doll to use for practical but I didn’t get to use anything.

Hmm… What an experience! How about the second place?

The second place was good. That was where I learnt all I know about hairdressing. My boss there was friendly plus my seniors and Juniors. We were about fifteen apprentice and we acted like family. All my boss made mandatory was that we must fetch water into the shop and we clean the shop.

How old were you when you learnt at the first place?

I was eighteen years old.

What were you asked to pay when you wanted to apprentice?

I didn’t pay for the first apprenticeship. She was my dad’s friend and since I had just lost my mum and finished my high school, I was asked to come learn with her so as to have something doing. For catering I paid #20,000 instead of #50,000 because of the relationship. Same went for the second place I learnt hairdressing.

What did your parents say about your growth when you were at the first place?

After a while, the woman convinced my dad to allow me live with her. He disagreed at first but they convinced him that I needed a mother figure which she would provide. I also didn’t tell my dad anything because I didn’t have vivid evidence. I didn’t want my dad thinking I wasn’t serious. But after a while, the truth came out and my dad requested me to leave.

Hmm…. I didn’t tell you this while you were doing the interview but I know you would read it here. I think you are a really strong person. Amidst it all, you struggled.

What’s your brand name?

Mara’s Empire!

That’s it people! I hope you learnt something from Amarachi! Below are her works…

Beautiful I must say…… PS: she is available if you need her for any job pertaining to any of the trades above… Just chat me up at and I will send you her contact.

Till next week, see yaπŸ˜‰


APPRENTICESHIP IN NIGERIA- An interview with Yusuf Lateef

What should I say first? Should I start with the announcement or the appreciation speech. I slack you all but every time I come back here, you always give me the attention needed. I got 1k views people!!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ (You have to permit me to use that emoji)

The previous post was fire and I hope and pray that you give this post the same response as the last.

Today’s post is still on APPRENTICESHIP IN NIGERIA and this time around I did another interview with someone who had apprentice in fashion designing too but this is a guy and trust me you will not only get informed about how apprenticeship is being run in Nigeria, you would also learn a lot about other things.

Here people is my interview with YUSUF LATEEF

Thank you so much Lateef for agreeing to do this with me.

*Thank you too for having me here

You’re welcome. Please introduce yourself.

*I am Yusuf Lateef. I am a fashion designer and a forex trader.

Why fashion designing, Lateef?

* Actually, at first, I wanted to learn barbering. That was in 2013. My mum disagreed saying it doesn’t suit me and doesn’t provide as much income as fashion designing.

So your mum made the decision for you?

* You can say she did but the fact is, I had unconsciously loved fashion designing.

What do you mean?

* Thinking about it now, I remember how I had been going to the shop of the fashion designer adjacent my house. My mum just made it official. That fashion designer I used to go spend time with later turned to my boss.

Interesting. Do you regret not learning barbering?

*No, not at all.

So how was your learning process?

*I was the first apprentice so I was chanced to have the knowledge raw. Right from the source.

Wow! This is interesting. Most of the people I have interviewed usually are Juniors. How was it like being the senior?

*I never got to experience being a junior but being a senior was as tough. First, most of my ‘juniors’ were older than I was so I had to treat them all with respect as the good Yoruba boy that I am.

I have to ask this. Was the respect reciprocated? Most young people who are placed in high authoritative positions usually find it hard being respected by people older than them age-wise but beneath them in rank.

* Of course the respect was there. They didn’t even used to call me by my name alone. They used to add ‘ brother’ to my name as a sign of respect.

At what age did you start to learn fashion designing?

*12 years old.

You were very young. How did you cope with schooling, social life, grades and playing?

*Yes, I loved to play but at the same time, I was disciplined. There were times when everything being taught was looking bizzare. Most Boss don’t have the luxury to begin to teach you step by step so that was out of it. I was very unhappy with the I wasn’t getting it especially when my Juniors were getting it better than I who was the senior.

How did you deal with that feeling? How did you cope with the knowledge that your inferior at work were doing better than you were?

*First, as a person, I hate being behind. I so much hate it when I am not at the top. Now imagine how I felt when my Juniors were doing better. Certainly, I wouldn’t be okay with it but then, I had to put down my ego. I had to remove that mentality of I am the senior here and meet my Juniors to teach me. They didn’t used to go to school. They were always at work so they knew more. I had to meet them. As they started to put me through, I came back to the top again. .

Hmm… That was a very brave thing to do. Not many is that courageous. Welldone Lateef.

Thank you.

How long did you learn for?

Five years.

What plans do you have for fashion designing now?

The fashion industry is a wide one. So my plans are big. My main dream is to get to the international space with my African prints. Just like Nike, Louise Vuitton, I want to make DAC big like that.

Do you make unisex wears or you are just for the males?

*For now, I make just male wears. In future though, I plan to go unisex.

Which fashion designer do you look up to?

*ARAMADA! I love the fact that he does not limit his fashion to just Nigeria. He is taking out there and he is making Nigeria a proud country as it is.

Below are Yusuf Lateef’s handiwork. Please patronize him if needed. I must add myself that Yusuf is good at what he does.

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APPRENTICESHIP IN NIGERIA- An interview with Anuoluwapo Oladele

Apprenticeship in Nigeria is never an easy thing. While some of us have had it easy, a lot of us are not. On this blog post which is going to be in series by the way, I bring to you Anuoluwapo Oladele, a first year law student in University of Lagos who currently apprentice in Tailoring and Fashion designing. She shares with me, her experiences. Please do engage. Her social media handles comes right after the interview. Thank you..

PS:. This blog post was supposed to come in yesterday but life circumstances did not allow.

* Anu, I am so excited to be doing this with you. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this.

Thank you too for giving me the opportunity. I am as excited as you are.

*You are welcome. Please introduce yourself, what you currently do and what you apprentice in.

My name is Oladele Anu. I am currently a law student and I apprentice in Fashion designing.

* For how long have you been an apprentice and why did you choose fashion designing?

I have been an apprentice for 9 months. I have actually gotten the opportunity to try out other trades but I think fashion is for me. Also, in a way, I am trying to live up the dream that my sister had.

* Understandable. What other trades have you tried out?

Catering. My mom used to bake, fry chin-chin and all. I liked it at a time but wasn’t really interested. I have also tried graphic designing, but I am currently more focused on crocheting and fashion design.

*Most Nigerians dread being apprentice majorly because of the known “senior- junior” relationship. How was it like for you? How was the first treatment and how have you coped with it?

I have seniors. I am currently the youngest age-wise and the youngest in the trade too. I am only usually asked to run errands to buy materials and to weave clothes and all. The only strenuous thing is the errands.

*You have been learning for 9 months, what can you say about the rate at which you are learning?

That would be 70%. When I started, it was encouraging. I had a teacher who taught me, she made me write notes, draw patterns and gave me assignments. She took me for two months. Now I try to observe what’s being drafted on clothes, ask questions and help myself by watching YouTube videos.

*What were the things you brought to sign up for the apprenticeship?

Well, before you start, you have to pay. I don’t know how much I paid but I think it varies for every Master. I was also asked to bring tailoring tools like, brown paper, shuttle, reeler, wooden ruler, chalk and all.

*How long do you plan to learn at this current place and what is your the plan after being an apprentice?

I plan to learn here for as long as I can. During holidays, I will come to learn since I am still schooling. After learning here, I will try to start my own brand. It won’t be easy but it will go well.

*What brand name are you likely to use in future so that we can be on the lookout?

I do have a brand name. It was given to me by my big mummy. Since I started my Apprenticeship, everyone started calling me by the name. It is “Apprentice the law.” I really love the name. It correlates with both law and tailoring.

*You want to be lawyer and own a fashion brand. How do you plan to cope with both?

I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me but I am hopeful. If it means merging both, I would.

*It has been a fun interview. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this again. Lastly, have you visited this blog before and what was your favorite read?

l_ennette is a striving blog. The best is coming. One step at a time. The post I loved the most was when you took us back memory lane to secondary school days. It was such a good read. I could relate with the gist.

I loved that blog post too! A lot of people loved it! The response to that blog post was good. To check it out, click here

So that’s all for today, watch out for who would be interviewed next😁😁.

Below are Anuoluwapo’s work… Both tailoring and crocheting…. Please check it out……

This dress was made by her
She made this dress for her Boss
The top too is by “Apprentice the law”
This beautiful dress was made by she and her seniors for her birthday
Her work so far in making a crotchet bucket hat

Here are her social media handles

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SHAVING 101- Getting rid of irritations after shaving

First, I want to thank you all for the views on the previous post. I really appreciate the attention. I promise to try and make new posts every Thursday. Please let’s get this blog more attention. Share to your friends and family. Here is a new blogpost for you….. EnjoyπŸ˜‹

Let me start with the fact that you do not need to shave your pubic hair. Infact, there are more risks involved with shaving your pubic hair which include razor burn, redness, itching, e.t.c. It is safer not shaving. As long as you make sure that you wash it everytime. With all of this though, you will agree with me that shaving, makes that area look more attractive and pleasing to the eyes. wanting a clear spot takes a whole lot of work. So as a really nice girl that I am and for the fact that I love you all, I decided to share with you all my knowledge of getting a sweet after shaving life journey…. Enjoy😁

Here are the basic, simplest and cheapest steps to enjoying an after shaving life.

1. Bath first- Yes girl, I said it. Before you shave, make sure to have had your bath first. A lot of us believes that shaving first then bathing is the right but then it’s not because the hair has to have soak water so as to allow easy shaving. So when you want to shave, make sure to allow the water dripped down that path. By the time you finish bathing, the hair would have soaked in a lot of water and the hair follicle would have soften.

2. Soak in the oil

The picture above is anointing oil in an typical Nigeria home but then, it is an olive oil. Olive oil is essential to having a smooth shaving journey. After bathing, you take a reasonable amount of oil and rub around your pubic hair. Use enough oil and make sure that every spot gets its own share of oil. This is also to help soften the pubic hair As you do this, you are making sure that by the time the razor comes in, it cuts smoothly.

3. Shave!

I use that blade. I don’t know about you but then, make sure to get a good razor. I once had a lump in my armpit because of bad choice of razor and it wasn’t sweet at all so make sure to get a good razor. Now, you can shave. Make sure to shave to shave gently. Remember the area is fragile and you don’t want to have a rash.

Now that’s it for today…. Follow those steps and thank me later.

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See y’all next ThursdayπŸ’•



Thinking on how to start this blogpost, I am regretting not documenting all of the things I have been up to. So sorry, but this post is going to be a bit haphazard.

Before I go deep into this blogpost, I would like to share with you all some pictures on how my new year went. PS: I had the best new year. I went to a beach which is my favorite place to be and I spent it with loving and fun people.

Venue was: Oniru beach at Victoria Island… Here in Nigeria 😁😁

I would probably still write a blog post on different beaches in Nigeria.

Secondly, I started learning tailoring. I probably would still gist you all on life as an apprentice in Nigeria. It’s not a funny tale at all. I think I am learning fast but then, I might not. I would have shown you all pictures of dresses I have made but I don’t have any. Or maybe I do. The picture you saw above was made my first month after starting the lesson. Though I was greatly helped. My beachwear was also made by me. 😁

I also failed my entrance exams into the uni I want to attend. For the second time… I am also stupidly depending on God to help me get admitted. I also abandoned my job to get ready to get into school. School that I am at a 44/100 percent chance to get admitted into.

Am I happy? Well, I am not really sure… I might be but then, of what use will being sad be to me. I am currently jobless and waiting on God.😎

The good news though is, since I am currently jobless, I have more time to blog as I want and I can’t wait to share with you all some exciting posts. So anticipate….

PS: Below are pictures taken on a dinner party in my church. I was the hostess for the red carpet…. EnjoyπŸ˜πŸ˜‹

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Nigeria Bleeds- It’s a black day in my country

I Know I said I wanted to take a break. But since I left you all here, a lot has been happening in Nigeria. Some of you who have acquaintances in Nigeria would know what I am talking about.

No! It’s not a war! It’s not a political issue! It’s just the government shooting at it’s citizens who were peacefully protesting for their rights. All we were saying was for them to end police brutality. All we ask was for them to end the animals called SARS and bad governance. All we were asking was peace in our country but what did we get? We got shot! Yessssssssssssssssss, we got shot at by our military men while holding our country’s flag! While singing our national anthem!

They shot at peaceful protesters sitting down. They refused ambulance from getting to them and they took the bodies so as to get rid of every evidence! No long stories! They main thing to know is that our government, who we choose and elected into power killed their own youths.

Please pray for us wherever you are…. Nigeria needs your prayer😩😩

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It is time to take a break

Photo: Pinterest

What is worth doing is worth doing well. Right from time, I discovered that as a person, I have this thing of connecting well with people I have never met. I have always dreamt of writing to people my thoughts and them gaining some necessary things from it.

True to that dream, I have acquired a lot of online friends home and abroad that we share beautiful relationships. Some people think it is weird but there is this joy you get when you know that someone already loves you and have your back even without seeing him or her. It is also true that sometimes you might even know so much about the person that those that have had the privilege to meet them physically.

I know you might be like, “What is she saying?” Just be calming down small small.

For some time now, I have had to think all about this blogging thing and I discovered some mistakes that I have made. I discovered that I rushed into it which is true. I woke up one night and was just like, “oh!! Blogging seems like a good thing. Let me just create my own.” I think for those that have been in it for a while now, they would know that blogging isn’t like that. It is a whole life on it’s own.

So I started thinking of what I was going to do one day when I saw that picture up from Pinterest. It said to take a break. Re-strategies. Think it through then come back as a champion. Funny but it’s the truth. So that is to tell you all that this baby right here is going on a break till the end of the year😭😭😭😭 I just had to use an emoji sorry.

While I was thinking of this, I was now like, do I just go like that and leave you all here just like that? No way! That thought brought up an idea which is me still connecting with you all through my newsletter.

In my next post, I am going to explain what the newsletter is going to be about and how you are going to connect with me. Until then, pleeezzzzz be good and take care of your beautiful self.

You can connect with me on Instagram: Bukola_ ennette is the username. I will follow you as soon as you message me telling me that you are from here. I would love to hear your comment on this post as much as possible… Should I take the break and create the newsletter or do I continue and see where the wind leads me.

Pleeezzzzz commentπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I am still very confused right now so help a sister and friend. Thank you.


A glance in the mind of one who had no soul

I felt my soul going with the breeze. Photo: Naki
If you live like the butterfly then your life goals would be surprisingly be achieved. Photo: Pixabay

I wanted to leave. I remember praying in the night and telling God, fifty reasons why he should not let me stay. I told him, “Of what gain am I to you on Earth?”

Even as I slept hoping and praying to just sip off and breeze off like a powdered substance blown into the air, it never happened.

I long for the souless me, just free me Picture: Pixabay

Oh, you don’t want me to go? You want me wandering the souless? You want me carrying this heart that is dripping with dark reddish liquid around? Leave me! Just damn, let me free!!”

Maybe, just maybe I am being ridiculous. Photo: Pixabay

I left friends and fought with every cheerful soul around. I burnt the betrayer’s parting words and went about life following the wind vane.

But one day, unexpectedly, He that I wanted to be the killer of my soul gave me a reply that made me whole again.

He said,I am doing a new thing. Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”

I brought my nose to the air and snooze the smell around me and truly,. Just slightly, I catch the smell of freshness and redemption……..He continued

I will make a way for you in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Connect my spirit with you as the rivers connect the world. Let me not wander thinking of who wants me or not. Photo: Google

That promise whether true or not gave me a new drive to go on believing that a new soul was on the way and a fresh spirit was already delivered to my doorstep.

Oh look! It’s the sun showing it’s a new day. Photo: Google
Even if you get lost in the forest, I will find you because you must not get away from me. You are the apple of my eyes. Photo: Google

That’s it people. If you ever feel lost or depressed, please talk to someone. Don’t go about carrying it in mind. Choose someone who is matured and trust worthy enough to keep whatever you tell him or her secret. Also make sure that the person can help you get out. You can also talk to God. Trust me that makes it better.

Please don’t forget to like, follow and comment. Have you ever been depressed at one point in time? How did you get over it? Or are you currently not feeling able to go through life anymore?


Lessons I have learnt from Mama

Mama and I on my nineteenth year old birthday

This post was not planned at all. Infact, I think FOOD FEST would have to be postponed as I have been having ideas of post to put up that are beneficial to people.

Most people that are close to me knows how much I love my mum. Apart from the fact that she single-handed raise my sister and I, I have noticed some traits in her which I think all parents should imbibe and operate on.

So today, as I was just thinking, I remembered a day that I was having a chat with my sister about my mum and we discovered some really amazing attributes in my mum’s action and I was like, “why not share it here?”


The main attributes of Mama, is strength. I always say it that she puts me on my toes when it comes to strength especially emotional strength. She hardly cries but when she does, it’s comes from the most painful parts of her heart. Physically and emotionally, she exhibits so much strength that I want to have. She always say that, “Apart from stealing, there is no work that I cannot do to take care of my children.”

Mama and my big sister πŸ’•

I think all parents should imbibe this attributes not just to raise their children but also for themselves. No one should see you go weak so much that they can step on you like rag. Now when I am talking about not letting people see your weakness, I am not talking about not sharing your hurts with someone. That definitely shows strength because sharing brings you to healing but please mind who you share your deep things with. Mama has taught me to be strong. To be able to withstand it all. To look hunger in the eyes and be able to control myself until she comes. To see girls my age doing what they are not supposed to do and not get phased because I know that it is just for a while. Mama taught me strength in self control because self control is the biggest battle we face.


Countless times I have watched people that Mama has shown love to neglect her when she is in trouble. Billions of times also have my sister and I told her to forget those people and millions of times that Mama walks back to those people to show them love. Crazy right? Families, Friends and loved ones have all neglected her countless of times but when they need her, you see her running back. I have not asked her why she does that but I have watched her pray every morning and care so much about people who are undeserving of her love which brings me to say……

Look alike

…..the type of love that Jesus wants us to share is Selfless love. Love that does not want anything in return. I am loving you for loving sake not for wanting sake. A love that explains me putting love untop your matter. Yes someone broke your heart and even pieces it and doesn’t deserve your forgiveness but ask yourself, “Are you worthy of Christ’s love?” Okay, let’s even say you don’t believe in Christ and you are a scientific person that believes in nature. Then let’s me also ask you, “What have you done for nature that it should be in your favour?” Human beings are so keen on getting something out of what they have done. You start a business and you are already thinking of stopping because you are asking yourself, “what am I even gaining here?” We are most times particular about the material gains. Wait sef, must you gain? What of the joy you feel in being a good person? Just like my boss said today, do not let the world make you think that being a nice and honest person is not the new cool thing in town.


Mama is not perfect but she is an imperfect perfect person. She understands you. The day my sister and I were having this conversation, I told her that there was nothing I could not share with Mama. Yes, nothing! I know a lot of us young people do not have this grace with our parents especially in Nigeria. You make a mistake and you watch her caution you with love.

Now Parents, and up and coming ones should try as much as possible to be open with their children. I have preached it countless times to those who cares to listen that FEAR and RESPECT are two interlocked things which should be known which to share first. I respect my mum so that has made me to fear her. Do not introduce fear to your children first. First teach them to love and respect you then watch them fear you. Mama exhibits that and I cannot wait to experience it with my biological children.


You can never say something about me outside without my mum coming to ask me first. Secondly, you can never tell my mum that I am not beautiful. It just does not work like that. She knows who she raised and she believes in us. I remember a time when I stopped working in my former workplace and the woman I worked with accussed me of taking one of the school books. I had not not even gotten home when my mum started telling her that I can never do it.

Sometimes all a child wants is your trust. I work with kids so I know what I am saying. Some teachers in school have accused me of being too friendly with my kids but what they do not know is that I have built a relationship with them just as Mama built with me where they can share anything with me. No wonder, my boss said today that no parents have ever came to make a complain about me. I do not believe in using the rod at all times. I believe in the power of words. I have a child that I teach that I don’t need to flog for her to sit up. Infact all of them! All I need most times is some minutes of admonishment and we are good to go. Trust the child you raised. Yes, that can be hard but I feel that when you tell a child that I want to put my trust in you not to do this then the child would listen. They would always remember that you are hoping on them not to break your trust. It will surprise you how much words can do in the life of an unruly child.


We fall victim of this many times and trust me this can cause a lot. All children easily get jealous. Mama has only two children. Girls to be precised so I know how hard it can be for her trying as much as possible not to show that she likes one more. As much as it is inevitable not to have a favorite, we must also try not to show it.

I have thought of this before that who does Mama loves most and I could not find an answer. Though she spoils me most times being her last child(which is understandable), she shows as much care for my sister. So when we have a complaint concerning one another, Mama makes sure she cautious the both of us and tells us never to let go of each other because we only have one another.

I could go on and on about her. I could list more lessons learnt from her which you would all find beneficial but time and space would not allow it. Mama is a beautiful person. She is one of my main role model and I always pray to God to be as good as she is as a parent. I hope to God that I can be as friendly, chatty, understanding, loving, caring as she is. Though she has her flaws and she has made thousands of mistakes but love covers it all. Thank you Mama for being the best human being ❀️❀️



My thank you message to you all for a One month of sweet blogging experience β€οΈ

If you people know how much I was contemplating this blog post ehnπŸ˜‚….You will fear confusion. Let me first warn you that for this post, there will be use of emojis 😊 I want you all to at least have an idea of how I feel.

Yes ooo!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ When I saw the notification and saw 1 month anniversary, I thought it was another blog because I was not expecting to have reached a month. I was still putting my mind on early next month but lo and behold, I saw that the mail was to me.πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚

To WordPress 😩

Yes, that was the HIGH FIVE I gave to WordPress for being a wonderful platform for bloggers. I really cannot remember when I made the decision to start blogging but on the 16th of last month when I did, it was not planned at all. I was just woke up in the night and just thought of it. I had always wanted this type of channel where I can share a lot of things with people from other countries that I had not met at all but didn’t know how to go about it until that night when I made the decision to start blogging. I am happy for this platform and I am happy to say that I have made new friends.😁😁😁

To y’all followersπŸ™ˆ

I am currently trying out my mic to shout out to this set of people.😩😩 They are the best. It takes a lot for you to decide to start following somebody up and downπŸ˜‚ I love you guys for deciding to follow me because I want to think it is because you love my blog post. My followers are not much for bow, I think it’s just 16, but we are not phased by that because we know we are getting there πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Chop kiss jare😘😘

To our readersπŸ€—πŸ€—

What’s the essence of writing blog post without people reading it? To all my readers, I blow big loving kisses to you all. I want you to know that I sight you and I appreciate you. Keep reading, sharing, commenting and following even as you read

This blog post is not going to be long because it is an impromptu post. FOOD FEST is still on!!!! Another food post is going to come up this week so anticipate.😁

That Thank you GIF is for everyone and everyone who has been supportive 😍😍 The love I have for you is unmeasurable because you are actually supporting one of my dreams. Shout out to my WhatsApp friends, Pooja for helping me connect to other Bloggers. She is not aware but those her award posts helped me connect to more bloggers. Shout out to these Blogger, Her website really helped me understand a lot about blogging and her e-books are super helpful. Shout out to my bestie, Ayomide Tairu❀️ I call her Ayomi(My joy) because that is actually the meaning of her name, My joy has come. She is ever supportive and you will see her comment on every blog post. Ayomide, you are a darling and I love you so much.😘

That’s how I am shinning my teeth in appreciation😁😁

With nothing more to say, I close this curtain 😁 But let’s not forget that FOOD FEST is still on!!

To know more about FOOD FEST, read my last post

Till next time, see ya!😘❀️😍