A glance in the mind of one who had no soul

I felt my soul going with the breeze. Photo: Naki
If you live like the butterfly then your life goals would be surprisingly be achieved. Photo: Pixabay

I wanted to leave. I remember praying in the night and telling God, fifty reasons why he should not let me stay. I told him, “Of what gain am I to you on Earth?”

Even as I slept hoping and praying to just sip off and breeze off like a powdered substance blown into the air, it never happened.

I long for the souless me, just free me Picture: Pixabay

Oh, you don’t want me to go? You want me wandering the souless? You want me carrying this heart that is dripping with dark reddish liquid around? Leave me! Just damn, let me free!!”

Maybe, just maybe I am being ridiculous. Photo: Pixabay

I left friends and fought with every cheerful soul around. I burnt the betrayer’s parting words and went about life following the wind vane.

But one day, unexpectedly, He that I wanted to be the killer of my soul gave me a reply that made me whole again.

He said,I am doing a new thing. Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”

I brought my nose to the air and snooze the smell around me and truly,. Just slightly, I catch the smell of freshness and redemption……..He continued

I will make a way for you in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Connect my spirit with you as the rivers connect the world. Let me not wander thinking of who wants me or not. Photo: Google

That promise whether true or not gave me a new drive to go on believing that a new soul was on the way and a fresh spirit was already delivered to my doorstep.

Oh look! It’s the sun showing it’s a new day. Photo: Google
Even if you get lost in the forest, I will find you because you must not get away from me. You are the apple of my eyes. Photo: Google

That’s it people. If you ever feel lost or depressed, please talk to someone. Don’t go about carrying it in mind. Choose someone who is matured and trust worthy enough to keep whatever you tell him or her secret. Also make sure that the person can help you get out. You can also talk to God. Trust me that makes it better.

Please don’t forget to like, follow and comment. Have you ever been depressed at one point in time? How did you get over it? Or are you currently not feeling able to go through life anymore?

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